Knowledge Networks: Innovation through Communities of Practice

Editors, Paul Hildreth and Chris Kimble
Publisher, Idea Group Publishing
Hard cover ISBN: 159140200X Soft cover ISBN: 1591402700

Aims and objectives

Our aim for this book is to bring together the experience and expertise of people who have worked with CoPs in real world situations: the objective is to examine CoPs from a practical, rather than a purely academic, point of view. Hence, this call for papers is directed at those who can provide real examples of supporting real CoPs. Our expectation is that this book will provide a genuine and useful resource to practitioners and academics that work in the field of KM and CoPs.

Prospective Audience

CoPs are attracting interest both in academia and in commercial organisations. Academic researchers are undertaking research into CoPs, how they can be supported, the relationships within them, the process of creativity, the creation of new knowledge. Consultants in the field are supporting, coaching and facilitating CoPs, and advising organisations as to how they can identify and nurture CoPs and how they can benefit from them. It is to be expected that this book will be of interest to both academics and practitioners.

An outline of book and its contents

An indicative table of contents for this book can be found here. Please note: this is not the final version of the table of contents, the ordering of the chapters and their final titles have not been finalised yet.

Call for Chapters

The closing date for the call for chapters was 31 July 2002. The original call for chapters can be found at Call_for_Chapters.html.